Drynuts Dos, S.L.

Founded by Mr. Jaume Amorós in 1970, we are a company of services that operate as brokers of import and export in the market of dry fruits and dehydrated fruits.
We represent to companies exporters of these products at national and international level.Drynuts, S.L.

Our activity bears to inform our clients about market tendencies, technical characteristics of each product, evolution of the crops and prices. We consider that a good decision in the purchase requires previous information, and for that reason the detailed knowledge and upgraded in origin of the crops and market tendencies are the elements key for the conclusion of a business.

We quote to the clients competitive prices of the products that are of their interest and we carry out all the necessary negotiations with the purpose of reaching a commercial agreement between the supplier and the client. Once gotten this agreement among the two parts, we make a detailed and continuous pursuit from the beggining to the end of each transaction and we solve any type of incidence that could happen.

Drynuts was born as a company centered in the values and therefore guided to complete ethical objectives and professionally correct guided to build satisfactory relationships that involve people in a direct or indirect way to the company (stakeholders) with a perspective of half and long term. As committed company with these values, where the quality and the continuous improvement are our reason of being, we look after the interests of the companies that we represent and we take care so that they offer their products to our clients under the best conditions.